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Anime Role-Playing & Wargaming Miniatures from Nomz
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The Suicide Queen & Rollo collectors piece is a 32mm Heroic Scale miniature set which captures Suicide Queen's emotional surprise as Rollo barks at whatever has caused her alarm.
Rin Farrah is infamous for her knack to predict the location of trouble. 32mm Heroic Scale Collectors Item.
32mm Heroic Scale Collectors Piee of Isabeau Durand, the Paladin that yearns for revenge.
32mm heroic scale collectors item of Konobo, Monk of Gormandi who guides his exciled fleet of refugee's to a new home in the stars.
32mm Heroic scale four armed Marmod chef in an anime style.
Anime collectors piece, stylish 32mm heroic scale miniature of a tech mage.
32mm Heroic Scale Anime Mage of the Arcane Doctrine. Fiametta is a synthesis of J-Pop styling with Wicca bundled up as a tech mage.
Humerous anime collectors set in 32mm heroic scale featuring a mage and his scribe.
Princess Malya, her relic Sedaris, and Mr Tomn her cypher form this three piece Anime collectors set in 32mm heroic scale.
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