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Fantasy Osric Black Blade OSRIC
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Black Blade
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A classic style roleplaying game in the true spirit of the hobby for players looking to recapture what made our hobby great.

Enter the Dungeon

Do You Want to Relive 1st Edition Roleplaying?

For the first time in Europe you can now own a hardback copy of the game which has rebirthed roleplaying.

From the creative mind of Gary Gygax came Dungeons & Dragons and the classic fantasy roleplaying game that we know and love was born.

After Dungeons and Dragons came the first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and for many older roleplayers "1e" as it is now often referred too became the yardstick by which all other systems are judged. Sadly AD&D 1e is now long out of print, leaving a void in our community for a first edition style roleplaying game.

This is where Osric comes in, in style and character it is a first edition system that's compatible with 1e modules and expansions. It goes further though because editor in chief Stuart Marshall, with the assistance of Gary Gygax, has worked tirelessly on fixing the major underlying flaw in 1e - with Osric it is now possible to find the tables and reference information you need!

Spells are all together, and compiled in a sensible order. Character creation is now an effortless process - with each classes rellevent tables and rules all presented together. In this new hardback edition this becomes even easier thanks to a new index written by Jason Zavoda.

Osric combines the flavour, style and ruleset of first edition gaming together and in it's hardback form comes in at a whopping 384 pages which are beautifully decorated by great fantasy artists such as Matthew Finch, Peter Mullen, Fabrice Philibert-Caillat amongst many others.

Osric has come a long way since it's first paperback release in the UK, this hardback "tome" features many corrections and enhancements over the original release but due to it's heavy 105gsm paper and sturdy cover postage into Europe has proven problematical for fans of the series.

OSRIC is also available as a free PDF download

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Here at Nomz we are always keen to get hold of those niche impossible find products, so we've shipped in as many books as we could and are holding them in our UK depot for selling on at cost price. So now Europeans can finaly own a copy of the greatly enhanced hardback edition of the worlds favorite roleplaying game without having to pay a small mortgage to have it delivered!

Enter the Dungeon
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