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Fantasy Role-Playing & Wargaming Miniatures from Nomz
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Warhammer Fantasy Battle Compatible Miniatures from Gamezone

Fantasy Battle Wargamming Miniatures

Would you like to set your army apart on the battlefield by making it look amazing?

  • Compatible with Games Workshops Warhammer Fantasy Battle
  • 28mm Heroic Scale
  • Wide Selection of Diverse Unit Types Including Hard to Find Specialist Units
  • Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Undead, Chaos
  • Non Mainstream Models - Bring Individuality and Flair to Your Army

Whether you are looking for a new centrepiece for your army, a full hero unit of daring champions, or if you are looking to stock up on expertly crafted rank and file miniatures then these wargaming miniatures from Gamezone will set your army apart from the run of the mill models in other armies.

There are models for all the major races available with more variety of poses than you can shake your dice box at. All models are 28mm heroic scale so are compatible with all the major systems including Warhammer Fantasy Battle from Games Workshop.

Empire Army Warhammer Fantasy Battle Miniatures


The human lands are ruled by a feudal system with local Barons supplying a tithe of soldiers to the defence of the Empire against foreign invaders, and materialistic conquest.

The Halbardier is characteristic of The Empire's forces, but their real strength is the vast array of cavalry available to them. From arquebusiers and light cavalry weilding speers to heavy cavalry and the Knights Templar of the Grail.

In addition to the wide selection of cavalry Empire armies also field a wide selection of foot soldiers with polearms, from the trusty halbard to speers and shields or even lowly peasant militia. Diversity is the nature of Empire armies with troops suited to every purpose.

Siege machinery is also in good supply with a selection of canon and mortar available, as well as a wide selection of magic users and archers. There really is no shortage of troops to choose from when fielding an Imperial army.

Greenskin Army Warhammer Fantasy Battle Miniatures of Orcs and Goblins


Rank & File for Greenskin armies is easy to find, but getting those special character models can be really difficult so we've got a wide selection of specialist Greenskin models to compliment your army.

Fighting with Greenskins is all about numbers, but it's the special units which characterise your battle tactics. Whether you need boar riders, in either Goblin or Orc varieties or if you need an Orc War Charriot to bust through the enemy ranks with then you can find what your army needs here.

You might really like to check out the awesome Troll models because you really cannot beat a Troll hitting his enemies with a decapitated horse head!

If you need some polearms to help out against cavalry charges, or you need some mighty Black Orcs to tear holes in the enemies hero units with then you can find it in this section.

Elven Army Warhammer Fantasy Battle Miniatures


Elven armies use mobility and exceptional training to defeat their enemies with fast moving infantry and capable archers to reign death upon their enemies.

Any general who under-estimates Elven cavalry is preparing themselves for defeat, their Pegasus steads are fast and more agile than conventional cavalry giving them the ability to descend upon the enemies line at their place of choosing.

Supported by Great Eagle riders who swoop down to pick off the critical targets, Elven armies are deft fighters able to out maneuvre their enemies and strike at the enemies weakest point.

Dwarven Army Warhammer Fantasy Battle Miniatures


Dwarven armies lack the mobility of other armies but counter this with ingenuity and firepower. Even the most seasoned soldiers stomach would turn at the prospect of charging a regiment of Dwarven Grenadiers.

Then there are the Dwarven Miners who pop up out of the ground behind enemy lines and cause pandemonium in the rear flanks.

Bolstered by some of the toughest rank and file soldiers around what Dwarven armies lack in mobility they make up for in fighting tenacity and sheer overwhelming firepower.

Dark Elf Army Warhammer Fantasy Battle Miniatures


With the mobility of Elves but the added wicca of dark magics and the fearsome creatures such as Harpies the Dark Elves, or Drow as they are sometimes refered too, use subterfuge mobility and arcane arts to defeat their enemies.

There are few more fearsome sights than a Drow charriot pulled by huge muscular Raptors descending into your ranks, and yet Dark Elves also deploy light cavalry on horses to outflank the enemy.

Their ranks of lancers and crossbowmen are supported by an array of practitioners of the arcane arts, flanked by heavy cavalry astride fearsome beasts and supported by Harpies who swoop out from the skies to deal precise and deadly strikes on the enemies hero units.

Dark Elves are one of the most versatile armies in fantasy battle games, combining a diverse array of troop types with strong cavalry support and excellent warlocks.

Undead Army Warhammer Fantasy Battle Miniatures


Undead armies are aggressive and stream forth fear as they charge. Victory is achieved by routing enemy units and picking off the pieces.

Keeping your undead army on the offensive is important because a sustained fight is usually fatal, so making use of highly mobile heavy troops is essential.

There's no shortage of heavy cavalry or charriots in this selection of Undead, supported by mummies, zombies and skeletons to bolster up the rank and file.

Out maneuvre your enemies, charge them hard, and reap the rewards of victory. Or just raise your soldiers and try again by recruiting a Necromancer.

And when all else fails to instill doubt in the heart of your enemies, you could always unleash the grotesque zombie wolves. I know i'd run!

Chaos Army Warhammer Fantasy Battle Miniatures


Sometimes the denizens of the mortal realm need reminding of who'se really in charge, this is when the denizens of hell are unleashed and mortals are crushed under the hoofs of demons.

The forces of chaos have a wide variety of heavy units available to them, from those that instill fear or use magic, to demons who do both of these things.

Equipped in heavy armour their rank and file infantry and heavy cavalry are warped by the machinations of the randomness of chaos, and they're supported by fast and light troops in the guise of chaotic fiends.

Unleash the powers of darkness on the mortal realm and achieve victory with no remourse over the fallen.

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