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WW2 Role-Playing & Wargaming Miniatures from Nomz
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1-48 Combat

Will you unleash the fury of the German war machine? Or mount a desperate struggle for survival against incredible odds?
  • 1-48 Combat allows you to play as either German or Russian foces.
  • Which of histories greatest adverseries deserves a truly great commander like you in the greatest war ever fought?

1-48 Combat

Getting Started Couldn't be Easier

All you need to do is choose which army is deserving of your strategic genius and you are ready to go.

The starter packs include 4 soldiers, all the rules, cards, counters and dice necessary to play, and a selection of the amazing scenery that is synonymous with the 1-48 Combat game.

Sculpted by the amazingly talented Stefano Cavane the 1-48 miniatures are provided ready to assemble and paint.

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