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WW2 Role-Playing & Wargaming Miniatures from Nomz
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1-48 Combat

The fate of Stalingrad is in your hands!
  • Squad level WW2 Wargaming with lavish scenery.
  • Easy to play, difficult to master and rapidly resolved gameplay.
  • Common 1-48 Scale format for easy expansion with off the shelf model kits
  • Beautiful scenery!
  • Free Rulebook!

1-48 Combat

Are you looking for a fast paced WW2 game?

All too often wargames bog down in irrellevent details without focusing on what you really enjoy, strategy and defeating your opponent.

1-48 Combat is a WW2 simulation that delivers great satisfaction quickly, with sufficient detail to bring histories darkest chapter to life.

Complete with beautiful scenery pieces suiteable not just for diorama's but perfect for adding amazing detail and lavish backdrops to your wargame too.

Lovingly created in 1:48 scale by the master craftsmen at Baueda Wargames, famous for their earlier 15mm games, 1-48 Combat sets a new standard in rich scenic fast paced table top wargaming.

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