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Nomz Miniatures
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Our Story

Once upon a time, in two countries far far apart...

Amber Becarri in Amsterdam 2010
Amber Becarri
Amsterdam 2010

Finding the best miniatures and making them available to you was not an easy task, here we cronicle the history of Nomz; who we are; and how Nomz was created.

Nomz is founded by two friends, Amber and Becky. We met in January 2008 and have been friends ever since.

Toward the end of 2009 Amber expressed an interest in setting up a business on the web, but at that time she wasn't sure exactly what that business would be.

When we look back it seems obvious now, as both of us are keen roleplayers, wargamers, and miniature painters!

The Awakening

In April 2010 on the beach at Noordwijk aan Zee we discussed Ambers ideas for the project in depth for the first time. She was at that point still learning the ropes and coming to understand web business whilst Becky had recently begun working in eCommerce and was expanding her skillset in the field of web based retail.

After some messing around with the exploding Icelandic volcano Becky returned to England still at this point blissfully unaware she was going to enter business with Amber.

During the rest of 2010 Amber found herself being encouraged by friends and family alike to pursue her dream of starting up her own enterprise and working for herself.

Becky Rose in Bristol on New Years Eve 2010-2011
Becky Rose
Bristol NYE 2010/11

It's Got a Name

Amber carried on educating herself, speaking to professionals and learning what she could about the daunting prospect of going into business for yourself - but by the end of 2010 the only really firm decision she'd made was that it would be called 'Nomz ... something'.

Wanting to see her friend again and keen to catch some January Sales shopping in Amsterdam Becky made another trip to Holland in January 2011, and it was during this visit that suddenly Nomz exploded from an embryonic idea into a real and tangeable thing.

But What is It?

Concerned that a miniatures shop in Holland would not earn her a decent living Amber was still trying to narrow down her business idea, should it be miniatures, computer games, clothing, role-playing based? She wasn't sure, she had good ideas in all but the Netherlands is a small country with bilingual complications making for a very small market size.

'So why not do all of them?' asked Becky. It was a simple idea: Set up one business and if the market isn't that big it wont be taking up all your day - so use the rest of the day to set up the next business!

Inspired, Amber immediately decided miniatures would be the first business. Becky did some market research and produced some market size/share analysis of the various makes of wargaming and roleplaying miniatures, and suddenly Nomz began to take shape as not just an idea in Ambers mind, but a real plan.

Help! I've Cut off My Winkel!

With Amber busy making logo designs and graphics Becky was determined to make a start on the actual shop and get the mommentum going, purely from the perspective of helping a friend at this point and not intending to go into business herself! Becky set to work trying to setup Ambers shop the way she wanted it - whilst giving advise on pitfalls and good practice.

Amber had found an off the shelf ecommerce platform which promised to do everything she wanted, and Becky was trying to make it do those things and it didn't want to do them in a way she considered was good enough. Eventually the joke "Help, i've cut off my winkel!" became a theme for the nights activities, a sort of Dutch-English hybridisation of the name of the piece of software in question.

Before the night was through Becky finaly gave up with it, and promised to write Amber her own platform.

Becky could have used the fully fledged commercial application she programmed as part of her day job, but decided that she wanted to create one from fresh - for the fun of it. Yes, she's a geek - actually we both are!

Next Article: The Birth of Nomztech
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